Northstar's 'Super Q' Islanders are the perfect aircraft for small charters whether they be just short haul trips to the mainland, or the USA, or operations into short strips for fisherman, or logging camps - the Islander will go where few other aircraft can!!!

Also unlike others, our Super Quiet Islanders have 4 bladed propellors, and noise suppressing silencers that reduce the cabin noise by one third to meet exacting European noise abatement standards. There are 900 Islanders flying in commercial service today - particularly in the the Caribbean, Bahamas, and the Philippines. With large baggage doors, and extended baggage compartments, the aircraft accommodates ski equipment, fishing rods, or even golf bags. With its two powerful engines, it has plenty of safety reserves to handle rough gravel or even grass landing strips. Seating up to 9 passengers, or 1 tonne of freight, or the combination thereof it is a perfect solution for a group of fishermen AND their fish. We even have a cooler at the airport to store fish if required

Cruise speed:
160 mph
Take off run:
500 ft
1 tonne
Max altitude: 14,000 ft