A Discussion About Touring the Portland Farmers Market

When visiting Portland, it’s important to start by taking a well-needed nap. Actually no you got to get out of here.

Yeah yeah here just down the street from where I’m staying in the new Alberta Arts District is the Tin Shed Gardening Cafe now the Tin Shed is probably the most famous place for lunch in all of Portland.

If you don’t get here before 8:00 a.m. probably gonna be waiting in quite a line now if you know anything about Portland OR scene Portlandia you know the Portlanders love their brunch.

From here at the Tin Shed I ordered good dog say multi-mission of potato cakes, pork sausage, a Latino bell pepper, onion, pink scramble spotted with cheddar cheese and eggs.

Solid! Here you go.

Next up I met up with Mona of the Portland farmers market to get a tour of the grounds and to meet some of the vendors to make this market so unique. Someone over here in downtown Portland at the Portland farmers market it was a beautiful area.

So tell me what is it about food and Portland. Well, there’s a lot of farmers markets here and is it supported by the people, restaurants, everything absolutely. I think it’s so much part of the culture here.

And in a way that is really informs the food theme here, so yeah there’s customers that are really interested in fresh local food. So we have over 40 farmers markets in the Portland metro area.

Wow, extraordinary.

Yeah and so that means you can find fresh food. You know pretty much in every neighborhood on every day of the week, and then chefs here are super dedicated in order to supporting local making relationships with farmers.

There’s a lot of like, synergy there and then like thinking about different unusual crops that they want to grow and then farmers world will grow that for them so I think everybody works together in one big happy food family.

I think so many people visit Portland farmers market because it’s kind of like a hub of the community. I mean when you show up on a Saturday at the PSU market there’s anywhere from like twelve to twenty thousand people to call through here just on one Saturday alone.

It’s not like you have to come here to get food to go cook at home, this is a great place to come for lunch or snack or breakfast without it done.

I just I breakfast an hour ago so obviously it’s time for me to eat. We’ll check out some vendors. Great, so I’m here with Matt Joy of Toys Kimchi company. So I’m telling you about the company we started about three years ago roughly.

We got started here at the farmers market. My mom happened to make some terrific kimchi I decided to quit my job and do this full-time. Eventually the lines got longer and longer here at the farmers market.

And we picked up some interest from jamming some retailers. So that’s pretty much how we got started. My mom she’s been making kimchi my whole life so that wasn’t a hard thing. And you were saying like everybody would come to her for kimchi.

Cuz it’s hard to find elsewhere. The Korean population obviously here in Portland kind of scarse so hard to find quality kimchi.

Around here, Mom was like the one dealer in a town of I became a high man. Yeah, she was like the kingpin drugs today so is Escobar kimchi, or like we call her.

Do you think we could try the the bok choy? Yeah that’s uh yeah, this is our seasonal bok choy right now as you can see farmers market exclusive as the label says. So it’s just baby bok choy.

It’s got some ginger, garlic, sea salt, scallion onion, apple I believe and just give a little acidity and labor yeah, yeah.

How did you describe it? Like if I was a like a Somali a kimchi like what kind of uh kind of adjectives would I be?