Tips For Finding The Best Seattle Sightseeing Tours

Tours in Seattle

If you are planning on traveling to Seattle anytime soon, you will want to try to sign up for some of the best sightseeing tours that the city has to offer. However, you shouldn’t choose just any sightseeing tour. Instead, you want to do your research to try to find the best one. Below, we will be discussing some of the key tips that you should be using in order to find the best Seattle sightseeing tours.

Tips For Finding The Best Seattle Sightseeing Tours:

1. Reviews

The main thing that you will want to do when you are trying to figure out which tours are going to be worth spending on would have to be looking at their reviews. You want to look closely at the different tours that are available and the respective reviews they have garnered. Finding the tours that have excellent reviews is one of the easiest and best ways to identify the right tours to consider for your trip. You want to look at a variety of review websites ranging from Trip Advisor to Yelp to Google Reviews. By checking out a wide variety of review websites, you will be able to figure out which tours you should be considering and which tours it might be best to pass on.

2. Prices

Another major thing that you want to consider when shopping for the right Seattle tours would be the prices of each tour. You want to identify the price that you are willing and able to spend on the tour that you are considering. Ideally, you want to stick to the price that you are willing to pay. By figuring out your budget, you will be able to eliminate tours right from the very beginning which can really help to maximize the chances of finding a good value. You want to find the tours that are going to offer good value for the money. Therefore, you can do a thorough shopping comparison of the tours based on price and what they offer by listing the prices alongside the tours.

3. Type

Another thing that you want to consider would be the type of sightseeing tour that you are looking to partake in. After all, you are only going to have so much time in Seattle while you are visiting. Therefore, you will not be able to schedule every type of tour there is. Instead, you want to figure out the specific things that you want to accomplish with the tour. For instance, do you want to experience a tour of the Seattle underground history? Do you want to experience a tour of Boeing? Are you more looking for a complete city tour? You want to figure out the specific tours that you are interested in. That way, you will be able to identify which tours offer what you want.

4. Time

You will need to figure out the time that each tour takes. If you are limited on time, a 5-hour tour might not be the best idea. Whereas, if you aren’t limited, a longer tour might be much more appealing as it will enable you to see more. Therefore, you want to figure out whether or not you are going to be under specific time constraints when choosing.

5. Transportation

Another thing that might influence your decision would be whether or not the tour offers transportation and what kind of transportation it offers. For instance, some tours might require you to find your own way to a starting point. Whereas, some tours will be bus tours and you will not require your own transportation. Some might be cruise tours which take you on the water. Figure out what kind of transportation is offered and whether or not you have specific desires depending on what you are going to see.

6. Ask Around

A good way to find some of the best tour experiences is by asking around. By either asking someone that you already know and trust or by asking on a travelers forum like Lonely Planet, you should be able to get a lot of good feedback as to which tour you might want to take on your trip to Seattle. You want to get good information from people that have already experienced a tour before and/or someone that knows the local area to figure out what you should be investing your time, money, and energy into.

7. Food

If the tour is going to be long, you are likely going to want to figure out whether or not there is food included with the tour. This is something that you want to figure out prior to paying for a tour because if it isn’t included, you will be left having to pay for your own food during the tour.

8. Weather

If you are going to be taking a tour in Seattle, you will want to be aware of the weather prior to choosing which one to go on. When you are booking your tour, you want to look at the weather forecast prior to going because it is going to dictate the kind of experience you are able to have. For instance, you will not want to schedule a walking tour throughout the Seattle area if it is going to be raining all day. Therefore, you should try to book your tour after you figure out what the weather is supposed to be like.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to do in order to ensure that you are able to find the right Seattle sightseeing tour to book. You want to figure out what tours actually fit within your respective budget and try to find the tour that is offering the most value for your money. At the same time, you should be looking closely at the tour’s reviews that it has received on various review websites to ensure that you are choosing a tour and a company that has a good reputation for delivering on a good experience.