Do you like interesting sightseeing tours?

Have you ever been to a new city, and wanted to see the city but you weren’t sure where to start?

Have you ever taken a city tour?  If so, did you walk, take a bus, or boat, or did you ride a bike?  There are many different ways to take in a city and each city can benefit from different types of tours.

I once took a walking tour with my Mom and I didn’t think it would be that fun.  I was wrong.  We went to all these little hole in the wall places that had great food.  The tour guide had already arranged special treats for us at all the stops we went to.  I was impressed.

And that’s what we want to do with this blog.  We want to provide you with interesting and useful information that will help you pick the best tours in the types of cities that you plan on visiting.

We’ll see you around!

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