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Are you looking for places to visit far and away from where you probably live? But does the idea of leaving the country not thrill you? One of the great things about the United States is just how big the country is with lots of space. Traveling inside the country lets you see new places and have new experiences without having to get a passport or visa, or worry about currency exchange and learning a different language and laws. Destinations in the Pacific Northwest await you, and not only are they cool places to visit, but might be much cooler than your hometown in the summertime. Keep reading to learn about four Pacific Northwest travel destinations that you might want to check out if you venture to the area.

Visit Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is often called the ‘gem’ of the Pacific Northwest. Getting here really will mean getting away from it all, as the two closest airports are both 60 or more miles away. South-central Oregon is sparsely populated, and there are only a few hundred campsites here. However, the overwhelming sense of awe you’ll get from seeing this place will be something you never forget. The 6-mile wide crater has a deep blue lake following the cave in of a mountain.

Check out Seattle, Washington

If Crater Lake is the gem of the Pacific Northwest, then Seattle is the pearl. See the space needle, go to the theater, do some mountain biking, and visit the fish market all in the same day. Top it off with some great seafood dining before enjoying some Starbucks at the original location, or enjoy an afternoon of visiting places that started the grunge movement.

Visit Portland, Oregon

If coffee and craters aren’t your thing, but you’d like some good beer, then head to Portland. You’ll never be more than 15 minutes away from a brewpub. Here, hand-crafted beers aren’t just used for drinking, but even cooking and as an ingredient in some salad dressings. Enjoy urban amenities and entertainment at night while you explore mountains and waterfalls during the day.

Visit Bend, Oregon

If you’d like a nice balance between the vastness of nature and big cities, look at the Oregon city of Bend. This eclectic city features comfortable places to stay and eat with activities ranging from Yoga classes to shopping local artisans for one-of-a-kind handmade arts and crafts. The city is surrounded by national and state parks where you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Seattle

Last Commercial Shoot on the Viaduct

Seattle is situated in the Pacific Northwest area enclosed by natural resources like mountains, water, forests, and is Washington state’s biggest city. The Seattle metropolitan area has come a long way from being a dull industrial port center. Its transformation into a metropolitan city has been astonishing, and this is thanks to its rich culture, espresso bars Coffee, lifestyle, piers and other recreational spaces that provide fun attractions and edutainment. Seattle is also a rich tech hub and is headquarters to two of the biggest tech giants in the industry: Amazon and Microsoft. So if you’re visiting the Emerald City, be sure to check out these top tourist attractions.

Space Needle

The Space Needle was built in 1962 for the World Fair. Since then, it has become an international icon given its spaceship-like appearance soaring on the skyline and is Seattle’s number one tourist stop. It has become an entertainment and educational complex with food courts, sports centers, theaters, exquisite glass artworks in the Chihuly Garden and Glass in and around the city. This iconic structure is 605 feet tall, towers the Seattle Center and has a 520 feet 360-degree-view observation deck where you can get a view of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Elliott Bay and Mount Rainier. Note that the Space Needle is open every day with the admission at $19 per adult.

Pike Place Market

This public market place has been existence for over 100 years and was initially meant to link consumers and the regional farmers together. It’s among the oldest publicly operated farmers’ market in the country and has grown into a top attraction with its sights and sounds, street performers, seafood, vegetable and flower stalls. The market is sure to tantalize your taste buds and senses while you take all sorts of photos. The flying fish especially draws in crowds as the vendors toss around the salmon gleefully. You can take a picture with the market’s mascot, Rachel or the Post Alley Gum Wall. Pike Place Market is home to a wide variety of sights and feasts that can last days to go through.

Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is, in fact, the biggest observation wheel on the entire west coast. This Ferris wheel climbs up to 175 feet high and is perched on Pier 57. It can be seen on the city’s skyline, making it a huge attraction since it redefines the bounds of sightseeing as it provides a magnificent view of the cityscape. It has spacious and air-conditioned gondolas that can fit up to eight people. During the holidays or special functions, the wheel displays a beautiful LED light show that lights up the night ride experience.

Seattle has an array of things a tourist can do whether it’s the great outdoors, music, sport or other popular attractions. The Emerald city has a mild climate and has a moderately low annual rainfall which makes it an ideal place for vacations. When planning a trip to Seattle, consider purchasing a CityPASS given how it can save you up to half of your total admission charges. Holders also get to avoid entry and ticket lines because it includes prepaid admissions to some of the city’s major attractions and exhibits, meaning you will spend more time doing and less waiting around.

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